Shipping from China to South Africa

Fast Efficient Shipping to South Africa

For shipping to South Africa, including the popular cities of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elisabeth, AI Logistics provides full container shipping, groupage and airfreight services at extremely competitive rates. We can provide shipping quotes to and from South Africa and China.

We provide quality shipping services to all the South African cities, which include: Bhisho, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East London, East Rand, Johannesburg, Kimberley, Kimberley, Mafikeng, Nelspruit, Pietermaritzburg , Polokwane, Port Elizabeth and Rustenburg.

There are a number of shipping options available when shipping internationally depending on your requirement, we will either recommend you use our dedicated service, which gives you sole use of a 20 or 40ft container, or assign your shipment to groupage, where it is carefully packed with a number of other small loads in a shared container. Airfreight can be arranged for items that will be needed quickly on arrival, such as clothes, documents and electronic items etcs.

Our fully trained staff will advise you on every aspect of your shipping including which shipping option is the best choice for you, shipping insurance and clearing your cargo through customs. We will ensure that everything runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, through careful planning and using friendly, experienced shipping expert.

Our exclusive agency in South Africa have offices at all major ports and airports, ensuring a complete nationwide service.

Air Services

We operate regular direct consolidation services to and from the following Airports:

  • Johannesburg        

  • Cape Town        

  • Durban        

Courier Services

In addition we also offer daily express services for those urgent shipments that require an extra fast service.

Sea Services

We operate weekly ocean groupage services and full container loads to and from all major destinations:

  • Johannesburg        

  • Durban        

  • Cape Town        

  • Port Elizabeth        

  • East London        

The services what we can provide as below

  • Marine Shipping Insurance        

  • Crating        

  • Loading        

  • Delivery        

  • Customs Clearance        

  • Export Declaration        

  • Container Drayage        

  • All Relevant Paperwork        

  • Fumigation        

Sea Services from China

Besides below direct call services, we also proide Sea services to Johannesburg,  East London, Richards Bay etcs.

Sea freight to Durban (Direct Call)

To             From             Transit Days             Sailling Per Week             Services Name            
Durban             Tianjin             30             Monday             AFRICA EXPRESS            
Qingdao             28             Monday             AFRICA EXPRESS            
Shanghai             24             Thursday             FAX            
25             Wednesday             SAF1            
26             Friday             AFRICA EXPRESS            
Ningbo             23             Friday             FAX            
24             Sunday             AFRICA EXPRESS            
25             Tuesday             SAFARI            
Xiamen             22             Saturday             ASA            
Shenzhen             18             Monday             SAF1            
20             Monday             ASA            
20             Thursday             AFRICA EXPRESS            

Sea freight to Cape Town (Direct Call)

To             From             Transit Days             Sailling Per Week             Services Name            
Cape Town             Dalian             34             Sunday             SWS            
Tianjin             34             Monday             AFRICA EXPRESS            
34             Tuesday             SWS            
35             Tuesday             ASAF            
Qingdao             29             Friday             SWS            
32             Wednesday             AFRICA EXPRESS            
38             Saturday             ASAF            
Shanghai             25             Tuesday             SWS            
26             Thursday             WAX            
28             Tuesday             FW6            
30             Friday             AFRICA EXPRESS            
Ningbo             24             Wednesday             SWS            
27             Friday             FW1            
28             Tuesday             ASAF            
28             Sunday             AFRICA EXPRESS            
Xiamen             27             Saturday             ASA            
Guangzhou             21             Wednesday             FEW1            
21             Saturday             SWS            
23             Wednesday             AFRICA EXPRESS            
24             Sunday             ASAF            
Shenzhen             22             Tuesday             FEW1            
24             Thursday             AFRICA EXPRESS            
25             Monday             ASA            

Sea freight to Port Elizabeth (Direct Call)

To             From             Transit Days             Sailling Per Week             Services Name            
Port Elizabeth             Shanghai             30             Wednesday             SAF1            
Ningbo             26             Tuesday             ASAF            
30             Tuesday             ASAF2            
Guangzhou             36             Wednesday             AFRICA EXPRESS            

Shenzhen             24             Monday             SAF1            

Air Services from China

Air freight to Johannesburg (Direct Call)

To   South Africa Airport             From China Airport             Airlines             Frequency per week             Flight Type             Flight No.            
Name             Code            
Johannesburg Airport             Beijing             China Airlines             CA             Tue/Thu/Sun             773             CA867            
Hong Kong             Cathay Pacific Airways             CX             Daily             777             CX749            
South African Airways             SA             Daily             343             SA287            
Singapore Airlines             SQ             Sat             74Y             SQ7867/SQ7344 (Cargo Craft) Via   Singapore            

Speak to our experts today and start processing your shipment with risk – free and reliable Project shipping services with AI Logistics!

To provide the shipping quotation, Please advise:

1) Cargo information such as weight, volume etcs.

2) Pick up address or Port of loading.

3) Trading terms and shipping services.